Why Activatus?

Commitment - Efficiency - Availability


At Activatus we keep the focus on the aims of the client, not on legal jargon. Our legal work is a means to help our clients reach their objectives. We don’t make practising law an end in itself. At Activatus, we always make time to get acquainted with each client and each problem. Legal creativity doesn’t simply appear on its own – it’s created through commitment and solid groundwork. We commit ourselves completely to our client’s legal position. We make it our business to gain a complete legal overview of the client and that all pertinent information is readily available for client measures without delay. We can also then advice our clients on legal issues that may have been unknown to them.


The best and most cost-effective legal advice is provided in direct contact with the client’s designated legal adviser. When this relationship is uncomplicated and continuous, we get to know the client’s organisation and business activities. The aim of Activatus is to provide relevant legal counsel in practical matters concerning the client’s day-to-day business. This way, Activatus is also in a position to present the legal ramifications of the client’s long-term objectives and legal risks. We believe in business efficiency. We avoid large fixed costs in our own operations and do not transfer “padded” costs to our clients. When our clients seek for their legal rights, that goal setting is not unduly diminished by legal costs.

Availability: you get through to us

When dealing with Activatus, the client knows his designated counsel. The client can always reach the designated counsel at Activatus and obtain the relevant information of any case. Clients also receive regular progress reports.