Welcome to Activatus!

Activatus provides corporate clients with legal advice in all major spheres of business law. Apart from matters, such as contracts and corporate law, we are specialised in commercial law, mergers and acquisitions, labour law and indemnity law. We also represent clients in cases of product liability and cartel issues.

As legal counsel, we emphasise the importance of legal counsel at an early stage of planning and negotiations where the client’s future actions are concerned. At times a course of action must be chosen, and the choice is often irreversible. In these situations, interesting legal opportunities may present themselves, but so, conversely, do the pitfalls. When a client is faced with a disagreement that can’t be resolved without recourse to a legal process, we represent our clients in courts of law, in cases involving the Finnish Competition Authority or other government departments.

The attorneys at Activatus are members of the Finnish Bar Association. A member of the Finnish Bar is obligated to comply with the laws as well as the applicable rules on professional ethics. Guidance on this matter and the other regulations applicable to members of the Finnish Bar can be found at the internet pages of the Finnish Bar Association, www.asianajajaliitto.fi.

Activatus also have a business economics competence that can be valuable in cases concerned with share acquisition, due diligence and various business analysis assignments, including opportunity, risk and company value assessments.